Spotty Dog Campsite
Canoeing & Kayaking

Walking is the adventure with the easiest start requirements, this means that it is an activity that can be enjoyed by young families and hardened mountaineers alike. Spotty Dog Campsite is in the same vein. The walks available from the campsite range from level walks to accessing the campsies all the way to cross Scotland expeditions.

Forth & Clyde Canal

The canal is a good location for learning to paddle or enjoy a leisurely journey. At 56km long though it can also be tackled as an epic adventure. There are a few interesting locations within a short distance of our campsite.

Following the canal East you can reach Auchinstarry Marina very quickly or keep going to The Falkirk Wheel about 15km away.
Heading west you would float through the heart of Kirkintilloch, keep going to reach Kirkintilloch Marina or even Glasgow in the far distance.

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River Kelvin

The River Kelvin is almost 22 miles (35 km) long and flows past our campsite. This could be an opportunity to increase your skills.

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Canoeing or kayaking is a dangerous activity and as such it is advised that you receive some instruction, from friends or qualified instructor, before attempting it.
If you are looking to start or improve your skills in either discipline then instruction can be arranged from our partner.
Our partner SD Adventure is available for more information.

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